Buying a Home VS Building a Home

For an adult, finally having the ability to get your own house is a huge achievement. A house of your own is a great investment. Having your own property will be very beneficial for your future, whether you are planning to start a family of your own or wanting to remain a bachelor (or bachelorette).


In acquiring your own property, you have two options: you either buy an existing house or have one built from the ground up.


Which option is best suited for you?


Both the options of buying and building a home have their own pros and cons. Knowing the pros and cons of each will help you decide which one is more suitable for you.


Buying a Home



Has generally lower upfront costs than building a home

You can move in sooner

Most of the time, greenery, trees, and bushes are already established in the garden or lawn



May come in some rooms, spaces, or items you don’t really like or need

Might have outdated building materials or fixtures

May need more maintenance and can be prone to frequent repair

Buying existing homes, particularly older ones might have asbestos or mold presence


Building a Home



You might actually get the house you have always wanted, down to every little detail

You can buy sturdier and improved building materials that are more durable than the building materials used in the construction of some of the existing homes.

Newly built homes are usually less prone to reparation compared to older, existing homes.

You can have confidence that the construction materials that would be used in the construction are safe



Typically more expensive than buying a new home

You have to wait for a longer time for your home to be completed before you can move in

If you dream of having full-grown plants or trees in your garden, you would need to wait years for that to happen

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